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Asher Collective

Redwoods + Moss

Redwoods + Moss

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Redwood + Moss masterfully blends the towering majesty of redwoods with the earthy embrace of moss, creating an immersive and soothing olfactory experience that transports you to the heart of a tranquil forest.

Top:  Clove, Earth

Middle: Pine, Embers

Bottom: Cedar, Moss

2.4oz|68g 6 cavity clamshell

Asher Collective's wax melts are hand-poured in individual batches, ensuring a quality product every time – no mass-produced products here! We use only premium fragrance oils and a proprietary blend of paraffin and coconut waxes.

Wax Melt Tarts are a safe way to enjoy great fragrance – simply break off a chunk or two of wax and add them to your electric or tealight warmers.

Each wax cube will last approximately 10-12 hours (total for entire wax melt package is 60-68 hours).

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